Genderless - Just Kids


“Blake world” began when our children were born.
Since we were parents that we felt the concern to tell our children that they can be anyone they want. There is no toys or games just for a boy or just for a girl, there is no girls or boys jobs, that we are all the same. However we felt some difficulty in dressing, because it was so divided and imposed by genders.

Some years after the birth of our children we ”rolled up our sleeves” and we created the Brand Blake. If we believe that children are simply children, then a brother and a sister should be able to wear the same clothes.

That’s how we decided to respond to gender stereotypes in the area of children’s clothing, creating an innovative brand, comfortable and with quality but without gender, totally designed by us and 100% manufactured in Portugal.
We cannot change the world but we believe that we can make the world better. Blake is based on the principles of equality and a happy childhood in which children should be simply children.

Genderless- Just Kids.


We are a group of friends, parents and entrepreneurs that created the Blake brand in 2016 .
We came from distinct areas as technology and communication but we all have been working with children’s clothing for many years.

The birth of our children only came to reinforce the passion for children’s fashion. It is with passion that we designed our outfits, that we idealised our collection and we prepared it for any kid, regardless the gender, race or color.

This is the world in which we would like our children to live and grow.

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